International Organization for Standardization

 The activities are focused on compliance with the following basic principles:

-  Always deliver high-quality photovoltaic products, which meet the requirements and expectations of customers and all relevant legal and regulatory requirements;

-  Strive to improve customer satisfaction by quality of our products;

Management of LLP «KazakhstanSolar Solutions» is responsible for implementing the basic principles of business, and to provide them they identified the following main tasks:

-  To maintain long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation and business in compliance with all the consumers' interests;

-  To analyze the requirements of their customers and to plan an appropriate quality of their products;

-  To conduct training of personnel and improve their skills in the field of quality;

-  To improve the efficiency, reliability and quality of enterprise management;

-  To improve the quality of its products using the most advanced, efficient and energy saving technologies;





The largest floating electricity production facility in the world at the moment

Location: Anhui Province, China. Company: Sungrow Power Supply. Power: 40 MW.